Noga Alon Awarded 2022 Knuth Prize

The 2022 Donald E. Knuth Prize is awarded to Noga Alon, Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University and Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, for foundational contributions in combinatorics and graph theory and applications to fundamental topics in computer science. For over three decades, Alon has made significant contributions at the interface between discrete mathematics and computer science, creating and fortifying lasting bridges between the two communities. His works include many seminal results that influenced a wide variety of important research directions in computer science. (read more

The Donald E. Knuth Prize for outstanding contributions to the foundations of computer science is awarded for major research accomplishments and contributions to the foundations of computer science over an extended period of time. The Prize is awarded annually by the ACM Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory (SIGACT) and the IEEE Technical Committee on the Mathematical Foundations of Computing (TCMF).