PACM Colloquium

PACM Colloquium: Percy Deift, New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Universality in numerical computation

The speaker will discuss a variety of universality results in numerical computation with random data. It turns out that for many standard algorithms the fluctuations in the time it takes to achieve a given accuracy are universal, independent of the statistical assumptions on the data. Some of the results presented are numerical, and some are analytical. 

This is joint work with a number of authors over the last 6 or 7 years, but mostly with Tom Trogdon.

PACM Colloquium: Subhash Khot, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences - New York University

Hardness of Approximation

Hardness of Approximation studies the phenomenon that for several fundamental NP-hard problems, even computing approximate solutions to them remains an NP-hard problem. The talk will give an overview of this study along with its connections to algorithms, analysis, and geometry. 


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