PACM Seminars

PACM Seminars

PACM Colloquium: Tractable approximations to nonnegative polynomials with applications to the joint spectral radius

Graduate Student Seminar: TBD

Graduate Student Seminar: Fourth-order accurate hydrodynamics calculations in Athena++

Graduate Student Seminar: Geometrically Nonlinear Wave Propagation in a 3D Elastic Medium

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: Determining the Global Dynamics of the 2D Navier-Stokes Equations by 1D ODE

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: Incompressible flow around small obstacles *Please note this is an additional seminar (5:30)

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: TBA

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: TBA

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: Culmination of the inverse cascade - mean flow and fluctuations

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: Stochastic homogenization for reaction-diffusion equations

PACM Colloquium: Sample-optimal inference, computational thresholds, and the methods of moments

IDeAS Seminar: Matrix Optimal Mass Transport: a Quantum Mechanical Approach

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: Mixing in Compressible Hydrodynamics as Diffusivities Approach Zero

An algebraic reduction of the `scaling gap' in the Navier-Stokes regularity problem

Recent results on 2D density patches for inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes

IDeAS Seminar: Applications of Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis in Engineering and the Applied Sciences

IDeAS Seminar: Minimax-optimal semi-supervised regression on unknown manifolds

IDeAS Seminar: Algorithms for Reducing the Computational Burden of cryo-EM

Graduate Student Seminar: Very noisy Sanov's Theorem and applications to alignment problems

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: Brief survey of computer assisted proofs for partial differential equations

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: On a Slightly Compressible Water Wave

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: Scattering of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in the 3D radial energy space

Graduate Student Seminar: Numerical Solutions to Mean Field Games

Joint CS-PACM-CSML Colloquium: Data+

Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics: "Self-similar vortex spirals"

PACM Colloquium: Sampling Nodes and Constructing Expanders Locally

IDeAS Seminar: Estimating the Covariance Spectrum

IDeAS Seminar: Synchronization over Cartan motion groups via contraction

IDeAS Seminar: Structure-Aware Dictionary Learning for Graph Signals

IDeAS Seminar: Sketchy decisions: Low-rank matrix optimization with optimal storage

IDeAS Seminar: Solution of the biharmonic equation on regions with corners

IDeAS Seminar: A random walk on the upper triangular matrices

IDeAS Seminar: Demixing Sines and Spikes: Spectral Super-resolution in the Presence of Outliers

IDeAS Seminar: The effectiveness of nonconvex optimization in two problems

IDeAS Seminar: A Taste of Julia for Scientific Computing

PACM Colloquium: Physics in the complex plane

PACM Colloquium: Survival and Schooling Hydrodynamics

PACM Colloquium: How Far Are We From Having a Satisfactory Theory of Clustering?

IDeAS Seminar: Nonconvex Recovery of Low-Complexity Models

From Pixels to Cosmology: Statistical Challenges for Future Time-Domain Surveys

PACM Colloquium: Quantum Oracle Classification: The Case of Group Structure

Non-Convex Phase Retrieval from STFT Measurements

Numerical Integrations of Some Gauge Invariant Properties

PACM Colloquium: Turbulent weak solutions of the Euler equations

Evolutionary Game Theory with Selection at Multiple Scales

PACM Colloquium: Stochastic Models in Robotics and Structural Biology

PACM Colloquium: Recent progress in object recognition and symmetry detection in digital images

PACM Colloquium: Concurrent Disjoint Set Union

PACM Colloquium: Equiangular lines and spherical codes in Euclidean spaces

Nonlinear Fourier series via Blaschke products

IDeAS Seminar: Rapid solution of the cryo-EM reconstruction problem by frequency marching

PACM Colloquium: Kernel-based methods for Bandit Convex Optimization

Clique-based semidefinite relaxation of the quadratic assignment problem

Mascheroni, of Euler-Mascheroni fame

Alternating projections for phase retrieval with random sensing vectors

State-Of-The Art Machine Learning Algorithms and How They Are Affected By Near-Term Technology Trends

Hermite interpolation and approximation in manifolds

Matching large graphs, fast.

From Integrability to Medical Imaging and to the Asymtotics of the Riemann Zeta Function

Cohomology, Hodge decomposition, and the not-so-famous Netflix problem

A Practical Introduction to Neural Networks

Kernel Fusion for Manifold Learning and Signal Processing

PACM Colloquium: Statistics, Machine Learning, and Understanding the 2016 Election

PACM Colloquium: Optics and optimization

PACM Colloquium: Testing Distribution Properties

PACM Colloquium: How Well Do Local Algorithms Solve Semidefinite Programs?

PACM Colloquium: Counting Connected Graphs

PACM Colloquium: Network clustering with higher order structures

PACM Colloquium: Efficient Numerical Methods for Thermodynamic Averaging and Statistical Inference

PACM Colloquium: Nonlinear echoes and Landau damping with insufficient regularity

A message passing algorithm for cryo-EM and synchronization problems

How Robust are Reconstruction Thresholds for Community Detection?

Optimal detection of weak principal components in high-dimensional data

Lipschitz extension from finite subsets

Structured Assignment: Practical Tools for Applied Linear and Quadratic Matching

Low-Rank Covariance for Cryo-EM Clustering

Tensors and their Eigenvectors

Coloring some perfect graphs

On the Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Regions with Corners

ShapeFit: Exact location recovery from corrupted pairwise directions.

Reconstruction of Molecules in Heterogeneous Samples in Cryo-electron Microscopy using SDP

Beyond Matrix Completion

The expected norm of a sum of independent random matrices: An elementary approach

Mathematicians Helping Art Historians and Art Conservators

Phase retrieval from a single diffraction pattern of separated objects

Spectral Bounds for Stochastic Diffusion Model in Networks

Randomized Algorithms for Matrix Decomposition

Exploring non stationary and multivariable time series by Concept and alternating diffusion

Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena

"Convex optimization approaches to protein structural calculation from NMR”

Algorithms for Computing Convex Hulls in Higher Dimensions

Semidefinite programs with a dash of smoothness: why the low-rank approach works

Distributed estimation and inference with statistical guarantees

Computationally feasible greedy algorithms for neural nets

Laplacian growth, sandpiles and scaling limits

Julia Computing (with some random matrices)

Navigating SU(2) and Universal Quantum Gates

Using Graphons to Model Large Networks

CANCELLED: The Mixed Hölder Condition, with Applications to the Analysis of Multidimensional Databases

Use of numerical methods in exploration geophysics

Graph matching via convex relaxations

A 3D Code in the Human Genome

When Are Nonconvex Problems Not Scary?

PACM Colloquium: Faster Convex Optimization - Simulated Annealing with an Efficient Universal Barrier

Introduction to Discrete Differential Geometry (Part I)

PACM Colloquium: Active subspaces: Emerging ideas for dimension reduction in parameter studies

"The fast inverse square-root algorithm: bit-witchery from a more elegant age"

PACM Colloquium: Applications of interlacing polynomials in graph theory

Iterative Functional Equations and Endofunction Structures

The Moran Process and Evolution in Finite Populations

Community Detection in Networks: Understanding the fundamenental limits of polynomial-time algorithms

Estimating group transformations via semidefinite programming

Signal Recovery and Universality of Mathematical Systems

Tightness of convex relaxations for certain inverse problems on graphs

Robust time integration for matrix product states

Common-Manifold Learning using Alternating-Diffusion

Reconstructing dynamics from snapshots

A class of Laplacian multiwavelets bases for high-dimensional data

Average-case tightness of semidefinite relaxations of maximum likelihood estimation problems

Integrality of clustering formulations

Transportation Techniques for Geometric Data Processing

Automatic Large Margin Music Genre Classification in Hierarchical Local Diffusion Spaces*

Lift me up but not too high: fast algorithms to solve semidefinite programs with block-diagonal constraints

Denoising by Global Projection

Scattering Invariants for Audio Classification

New bounds for spherical two-distance sets and equiangular line sets

Information Recovery from Pairwise Measurements: From Joint Object Matching to Fundamental Statistical Limits

Earth Mover's Distance and Equivalent Metrics

Matching image content with bounded distortion

Coherent matrix completion

Review of some top algorithms in patch-based image processing

IDeAS Seminar: Addressing the mathematical nonsense of standard blind image and video debluring: FFT is back!

A new approach to derandomize compressed sensing matrices

Semi-algebraic geometry of common lines

High-Dimensional Classification and Intermittency Modeling with Scattering

Crustal magnetic field estimation from local vectorial data: using Slepian functions for varying satellite altitude

Vector diffusion maps and random matrices with random blocks

Symmetry Detection in Cryo-EM

User-Friendly Tail Bounds for Sums of Random Matrices

On the evaluation of prolate spheroidal wave functions and associated quadrature rules

Predicting Capacity Usage in Backup Storage Systems

PACM Colloquium: The master equation and the convergence problem in mean-field games

IDeAS Seminar - Joint independent subspace analysis: When blind source separation and data fusion meet

Inferring and Encoding Graph Partitions

Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic PDEs

New Stable Periodic Solutions to the n-Body Problem

Graph expansion, complexity, and numerical stability of algorithms

Matrix perturbation bounds with random noise and applications

Random Graphs From Less Randomness

Differential Geometry Perspective of Shape Coherence and Curvature Evolution by Finite-Time Nonhyperbolic Splitting

Multiresolution Matrix Factorization

Special PACM Student Seminar

Coarsening to Chaos-Stabilized Fronts in Pattern Formation with Galilean Invariance

Graph limits and planted partitions from the perspective of probability and statistics

From Stochastic Modeling to Fractional Modeling - New Tools in Large-Scale Simulations

Asymptotics beyond all orders: The devil's invention?

Applications of diffusion maps in dynamical systems

Physics-inspired algorithms and phase transitions in community detection

Exact post-selection inference

Critical points and integral geometry of smooth Gaussian random functions

Set Oriented Numerical Methods for Dynamical Systems and Optimization

The physical and mathematical structure of images

Conservation of knottiness in real and idalized fluids

When Exactly Do Quantum Computers Provide a Speedup?

Eigenvector Centralities for Temporal Networks

Efficient numerical methods for wave scattering in periodic geometries

Disordered Hyperuniform Materials: New States of Matter

Hypothesis Testing on Random Networks

Is there Hope for Structure in Network Science?

Manifolds on the verge of a regularity breakdown

Computational imaging for phase, 3D and super-resolution imaging

Special PACM Graduate Student Seminar

Efficient use of semidefinite programming for selection of rotamers in protein conformations and other applications

PACM Colloquium: The Resilience of the Perceptron

PACM Special Colloquium: Bayesian Inversion for Functions and Geometry

PACM Colloquium: Reduced Order Models for the numerical modelling of complex systems

PACM Colloquium: An Axiomatic Foundation for Non-Bayesian Learning in Networks

PACM Colloquium: On the Complexity of Detecting Planted Solutions

PACM Colloquium: Dissipation at Maximal Rate

PACM Colloquium: An Applied Math Perspective on Climate Science, Turbulence, and Other Complex Systems

PACM Colloquium: Comparison Lemmas and Convex-Optimization-Based Signal Recovery

Schauder estimates for a class of non-local parabolic equations and applications

Finite time singularity of a vortex patch model in the half plane

Diffusions with Rough Drifts and Stochastic Symplectic Maps

The compressible viscous surface-internal wave problem

New regularity estimates for compressible Navier-Stokes

Global weak solutions to the inviscid 3d quasi-geostrophic equation

From particles to fluids: a derivation of the heat and the Stokes equations from Newton's laws

Radiative transport or homogenization?

An Introduction to Geostatistics

Investigating weakly coupled oscillators in the stick insect locomotor system using Dynamic Causal Modeling

Theoretical and experimental investigations of an inter-segmental CPG-network model and its application to multi-legged locomotion

System Identification of Rhythmic Hybrid Dynamical Systems via Discrete Time Harmonic Transfer Functions

Infinite volume limit for the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation and Weak turbulence

Thin knotted vortex tubes in stationary solutions to the Euler equation

Some results on singular transport equations arising in fluid mechanics

Physical Reproduction of Materials with Specified Reflectance and Scattering

Approximation Bounds for Sparse Principal Component Analysis

Chirality beyond Kelvin: Orientation-dependent measures of Chirality

Existence, Stability and Dynamics of Solitary Waves and Vortices in Superfluids: From Theory to Experiments

What is a degree distribution?

Alex Kiselev, University of Wisconsin

Hao Jia, University of Chicago

Potentially Singular Solutions of the 3D Incompressible Euler Equations

Susan Friedlander, University of Southern California

Approximation algorithms for the Procrustes problem

Moments of the Riemann Zeta Function

Xiuyuan Cheng FPO: Random Matrices in High-Dimensional Data Analysis

A Cheeger-Type Inequality on Simplicial Complexes

Tracking erosion by integers: the evolution of critical points under curvature-driven flows.

Universality in interface growth models

An L log L bound on the vorticity in the 3D NSE

Dissolution driven convection for carbon dioxide sequestration: The stability problem

Nonlinear maximum priciples and applications to active scalar equations (part 2)

(Deterministic) Communication Amid Uncertainty

Invasion and cancer metastasis: a theoretical-experimental approach

Multireference Alignment via Convex Optimization

Geometric methods in image processing, networks, and machine learning

Optimizing to Optimize

The cover number of a matrix and its applications

Modal Analysis with Compressive Measurements

Camera Motion Estimation by Convex Programming

Recent developments in low-complexity coding

Relaxing is not the end of it

Minimax Risk of Matrix Denoising by Singular Value Thresholding

A good lift: bipartite Ramanujan graphs of all degrees

Special graduate student colloquium

Slow diffusion and transport in random media

Filtering in high dimension

Multireference Alignment via Convex Optimization

Robust subspace recovery by Tyler’s M-estimator

Interacting Bayesian Agents on Networks

Long Memory in Stochastic Modeling: From Malliavin Calculus, to Finance, to Climatology

Information theoretic thresholds in a class of probabilistic models on graphs

Coarse-grained models of gas-particle flows

Integrability and turbulence