Many of the PACM faculty, postdoc, and administrative offices on the 2nd floor of Fine Hall are being renovated beginning May 30, 2017. During the renovation, the following PACM administrative offices will temporarily be housed in 221 Fine Hall:

·         Audrey Mainzer: Fine 221-G12

·         Tina Dwyer: Fine 221-G13

·         Gina Holland: Fine 221-G10

·         Note that Lisa Giblin will remain in her current location in 219B, which is not affected by the renovation work.

Additionally, the following faculty and postdocs will be moving to a temporary “swing space” in Green Hall or alternate Fine Hall locations:

·         Amit Singer:     Green Hall 3C6

·         Paul Seymour: Green Hall 3C5

·         Maria Chudnovsky: Green Hall 3C5

·         Tamir Ben Dory, Will Leeb, Nir Sharon: Green Hall 3C8

·         Roy Lederman and Huy Nguyen: Green Hall 3C7

·         Zahra Aminzare: Fine 221

The remaining faculty below will be working from home OR from other campus locations. The best way to contact them for meetings is email:

·         Peter Constantin: email

·         Weinan E: email

·         Ramon Van Handel:  227 Sherrerd Hall

·         Emmanuel Abbe:  Equad B322

Be assured that the PACM staff will continue to be available to assist you, and will maintain all program administration functions during the renovation.  Please don’t hesitate to contact PACM if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the renovation process.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 - 12:30pm